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Family Stories / Monday, January 29th, 2018


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If you are a first time visitor to my blog, you might want to read this story before reading the rest of this post:

Meeting For The First Time

So, to break this story down for you…

It was written in third person for a reason. The girl in the story may not have been me, although many of you assumed that it was. I will often change the perspective of characters in my stories. My next story will be told in multiple chapters, from different characters’ points of view.

But back to THIS story.

Which story element did I add or alter to enhance the story?

  1. The sunny patio. It was overcast and smoggy, and the backyard was overgrown with weeds.
  2. The presence of dogs. They had cats and goldfish.
  3. The drawing. The kid couldn’t draw to save her soul.
  4. The man’s job. He was a trash collector, not a firefighter.

#1 This is true.The patio was sunny, and the glare off of the pool and the white cement surround was was indeed blinding.

#2 The family did have two dogs. One was named Cinnamon, and the other was named Brandy. They were smaller dogs, but I really have no idea what breed they were.

#3 The girl actually did draw the Bird of Paradise outside of the front window, along with many other plants in the gardens. She was a talented artist at a young age, and her father had bought those brand-new pencils for her before she flew to her mother’s house for a required annual visitation. However, the drawing didn’t occur that morning. But it did provide a good touch to the story — which resulted in a neat wrap up.

#4 The girl’s stepfather, whom she was meeting for the first time, was indeed a firefighter. And the conversation that ensued about his night’s work is verbatim. So, I guess, by telling you that, I have revealed that the girl in the story really was me.  🙂

So the correct answer was #3. The drawing.

Thank you again for reading! Thank you to those of you who voted or commented!

My next story can be found here:
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  1. I really enjoyed this and like it even better now that I know it is you in the story. I actually felt the anticipation in the girl…when reading. i loved this story.

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